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Learn Internet Marketing and Set Up Your Own Online Business
Friday, 9 April 2010
Building a Good Foundation for Your Online Business

One of the biggest problems for most people who decide to start or set up an online business is that they often get started on the wrong step. 

While it’s true that the purpose of a business is to sell a product or service, many people never take the time to sit down and determine just what their business is going to offer and to whom they will be offering it to.

The “missing step” being referred is commonly known as finding your niche, or determining your target market in the internet market.

Taking the time to decide what your niche market is the smartest way to get started. Once you know why you want to contact people, then you will know to whom it is you need to communicate with and for what reason.

What this means is that you need to take the time to first, decide what information or product you're going to offer. Next, you need to determine if there is a market for this product, the market’s size, and whether or not they have disposable income that they are willing to spend on products or services related to their area of interest. Put another way, “Is there a target market for this product?”

In case you're not sure just what a niche is, it's a very specific portion of a much larger market. For instance, Internet Marketing is a market. But, e-book marketing, list building and traffic conversion are niche markets within the larger market. Take the time to measure your market and, if any of the previously mentioned criteria aren't true for the niche market you’re considering, then look for another niche. The reason that people are online is two-fold: information and community. Everyone on the Internet wants to find more information on a given subject or, they are looking for people with similar interests (community).


Posted by dudeinternet at 12:11 PM EDT
Five Tips for Low Budget Traffic Creation

So what are the five tips for getting traffic in internet marketing?


1. Design a survey that asks questions to help you learn specific needs and interests of your target audience. Then have them pick up their thank-you gift for responding at your website address.


2. Purchase and then put to the test a quality, proven product or service that will help to set up an online business and then write a testimonial for it including your website address. Submit it to the author/creator and ask him or her to add it to the testimonial section of the product/service's website.


3. Put together or find a free report that ties in to the needs/concerns of your target audience. Upload it to your site and then advertise the free report which can be downloaded from your website address.


4. Find online forums that focus on your target audience, then join and follow the ones that are of particular interest to you. Follow the posts to determine specific needs, concerns or problems being discussed. Come up with a solution yourself or find an existing professional solution. Create the solution or purchase it and place it on your site. Then post a response sharing your solution to your target market’s problem that includes your site’s link to it.


5. Here’s a slight twist on the previous tactic. Do a joint venture with a respected professional in your target audience's field of interest. Find out the needs/concerns of their 'list' and then either create or find an existing solution to the problem. Give the 'list owner' a copy of the solution you've created or located. Write a letter endorsing the product for the 'list owner' to send to his 'list' that also credits you for finding or creating the solution along with your website address.

Posted by dudeinternet at 12:07 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 9 April 2010 12:11 PM EDT
Updating Your Content in Blogs


Content and Traffic are the prime factors for Internet Marketing or Affiliate Marketing.


Content is king and traffic is money. Without visitors, your site would not serve any purpose or have any meaning.


The main key to a successful website or blog is to offer contents of high quality. But how do you update contents on a regular basis is the big question.


Today Internet has rightfully been referred to as the Information Superhighway. Information is what makes the Web work. Surfers search for it; publishers create and provide it; search engines rank and categorize it. By providing the information that people want, your web business can become a success.


Whether your online endeavor is based on Pay Per Click (PPC) programs or the sale of digital products, it is consistent quality content that drives traffic to your pages thereby enabling you to make money online. You need to update your content regularly for the search engine spiders to crawl regularly to assure good search engine placement.


Writing good content takes time.  And creating the same quality level of content on timely basis is not only difficult but also time-consuming.


Online Forums that are dedicated to the needs and interests of particular target audiences are a great way to draw a number of that audience’s members to your site. By providing a forum you can invite visitors and subscribers to join. 


Another suggestion that’s also used by several top marketers is to hold a contest.  If you’re looking for great content, consider offering a prize for the person who submits the most read article that best ties in to your website’s subject.

Posted by dudeinternet at 12:01 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 9 April 2010 12:06 PM EDT
How to Plan Your Blog to Make Money Online



The basics of blogging cover all the basic essentials, including your writing style, blog category and the content of your blog.


Planning your blog can be difficult if you do not know what you want to talk about. You can pick ideas from other blogs, expound and make them the basis of your blog.


The Blogging Categories

Generally, there are several types of blogs. Nevertheless, there are three popular categories of blogs, such as: the organizational, business and personal blogs.


The first category, the organization, uses the power of blogs to communicate either externally with the public or internally within their organizations. This kind of blog has the purpose of facilitation internal communications amongst employees, colleagues and other organizational personnel. In addition, organizational blogs normally publish information that is of interest by the public.


The business blogs, on the other hand, are for promoting services or products offered by businesses in order to help increase profits, revenue and interest of potential consumers. These kinds of blogs can look for ways to increase their reputation and authority with vendors, customers and partners. They do this by publishing contents that express expertise and knowledge within a specific market portion, niche or industry.


The personal blogs are those that contain contents that are more of a reflection of bloggers’ opinions and thoughts. Normally, they are used to publish articles that voice their points of view on several kinds and varieties of events and topics.


The Target Audience:

Your target audience and blogging style comes hand in hand. The moment you think of creating your own blog, you must first realize what your target audience is; you must know what they want, need and desire to read about. The blog you create and the contents you publish must provide quality and value to the readers in order to be effective in establishing communication and expanding readership.

More so, the kind of blog you want to create essentially creates its own target audience.

This can help you in getting good amount of traffic as well as to make money online.


Posted by dudeinternet at 11:56 AM EDT
Learn Internet Marketing and Set Up Your Own Online Business


In the one-on-one personal coaching the main focus will be on the process of setting up your own business and working for others.

 The personal coaching will be conducted through audio, video and text materials, email, chat and Google buzz, interaction on Google Wave, one webinar per month and two teleseminars or phone consultations per month.

Posted by dudeinternet at 11:53 AM EDT

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