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Learn Internet Marketing and Set Up Your Own Online Business
Friday, 9 April 2010
Five Tips for Low Budget Traffic Creation

So what are the five tips for getting traffic in internet marketing?


1. Design a survey that asks questions to help you learn specific needs and interests of your target audience. Then have them pick up their thank-you gift for responding at your website address.


2. Purchase and then put to the test a quality, proven product or service that will help to set up an online business and then write a testimonial for it including your website address. Submit it to the author/creator and ask him or her to add it to the testimonial section of the product/service's website.


3. Put together or find a free report that ties in to the needs/concerns of your target audience. Upload it to your site and then advertise the free report which can be downloaded from your website address.


4. Find online forums that focus on your target audience, then join and follow the ones that are of particular interest to you. Follow the posts to determine specific needs, concerns or problems being discussed. Come up with a solution yourself or find an existing professional solution. Create the solution or purchase it and place it on your site. Then post a response sharing your solution to your target market’s problem that includes your site’s link to it.


5. Here’s a slight twist on the previous tactic. Do a joint venture with a respected professional in your target audience's field of interest. Find out the needs/concerns of their 'list' and then either create or find an existing solution to the problem. Give the 'list owner' a copy of the solution you've created or located. Write a letter endorsing the product for the 'list owner' to send to his 'list' that also credits you for finding or creating the solution along with your website address.

Posted by dudeinternet at 12:07 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 9 April 2010 12:11 PM EDT

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